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You Have Talents!

We are remarkable creatures.

God’s design is perfect and unflawed. He makes no mistake.

So then, why do we question our abilities to act on the desires within us? Each of us has been put together in a specific way, with individual talent and weaknesses. Most talent we don’t even see is there. Those were the hardest interview questions. What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths? It seems like it is always easy to list of the things you find yourself lacking in. It needs to stop. We need to see ourselves not as we are, but as what we can become.

When you feel that spark of desire to try something new or to learn more-  don’t let a doubtful wind blow it out.

First-Begin with Faith, Second-Act, and Third-Ask for more.


School taught me: reading, writing, arithmetic and a handful of other educational tools. But essentially, as with all of us, it was up to me what to do with them next. For a long time they lay dormant. I wasted away many moments on t.v. and entertaining but mind-starving books. When my desire for learning was allowed to waken, I realized the deep hunger that had been growing for knowledge.

It hasn’t been long really. And the more I learn, the more I desire to know. God gave me talents in many things. Many of which I still do not know I have-or give credit to.

I just wanted to encourage you today to be mindful of your talents and abilities. Give them a chance to be a priority in your life and you will find that it will bless your life in one way or another.

Thanks for being a friend,





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