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6 reasons to knit a dishcloth



Almost a year ago we had a fire at our house. It’s been a rough road and the one thing that has kept me optimistic is that I finally get to remodel the kitchen!  We just barely started this work a few weeks ago and are just now beginning to fill back in the blank slate.

One of the things that I have really wanted to do is to bring the element of handmade to my kitchen space. Rugs, curtains, towels, potholders-all these things are in my project list. The first place I started…..knitting dishcloths!


It also happens to be  where I start beginning knitters in my workshops. Here is why:

  1. simple patterns look beautiful
  2. it’s a small project that is actually useful
  3. if there are holes or misshapen, it will still wash the dishes
  4. cotton yarn is not stretchy, so beginners learn tension faster
  5. it is a great project to take on the go, it can be knit anywhere


#6- We shouldn’t neglect to make our kitchens pretty:

sweet kitchen.jpg

Click here to find the beginners dishcloth pattern.

Click here to read about the fire (posted on my fiber farmstead site).

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Click here to learn more about the knitting workshops.

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