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Free Mitten Pattern!!!


I did it! The mitten pattern I have been  writing of the past couple of weeks is finally written down and published on Ravelry.

To be honest, it is my very first self-published pattern. It is exciting! I tested it and the second mitten turned out just like the first so hopefully when others try it out they too will have success.

You can find the FREE PATTERN for Easy Custom Fit Mittens right here under the “free patterns” page.   *as of 1/18/17 the pattern has been updated to correct the missing thumb directions!

You can also find it on Ravelry to save in your library or que and it will link you directly to the above page.

Feel free to share this awesome new Free Mitten Pattern with your friends!




To schedule a Skill Development Workshop and learn how to make these mittens with one-on-one instruction send me an email: knittyheidi@gmail.com or a Facebook Message!

Thanks for being a friend!



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