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Four-in-One Bread Recipe

In my opinion, there is nothing better than the  yeasty warm aroma of fresh homemade bread.



My bread adventure began with a desire to make and indulge in my own yummy breads. Having no experience in baking much at all, I started with a bread maker. While it got the job done, it never really fulfilled my homemade bread craving.

During a visit, I enlisted my sister-in-law to walk me through the steps of bread baking and to share her basic recipe.After several dense loaves and doughy centers, I did succeed at making a delicious loaf of bread. Once, that happened there was no stoping me.

How could such an important staple skill be so forgotten? How quickly mother’s and grandmother’s opted for buying bread instead of making it at home, and thereby neglecting to teach their children that it could be done.


It was not uncommon long ago before even the advent of the electric oven, that by age 10 girls were tasked with the baking of the family bread. At our house, the ten year old does indeed help, but she has not yet been released to make it on her own. Partially because, I enjoy baking the bread myself so much!

There is something about being able to say “I made that.”.


For our family of 9 (seven kids, two adults), we need to bake two loaves of bread every other day. Two loaves is the standard recipe amount, so this translates into making bread about three to four times per week. This is also just for our standard-use bread. If we want to have french bread or rolls with a particular meal, then that is made the day of.

Every Friday is Pizza Night!


While it does take time-it doesn’t take so much time that it isn’t worth it. In fact, when I get into the rhythm, I wonder why I ever buy bread. Of course, there are seasons in life that demand the convience of store-bought. Babies, illness, and remodeling the kitchen are just a few examples of times when we slow our bread baking and supplement with store-bought. Also there is a cost-savings when it come to the grocery budget of a large family.

Here is my most basic of bread recipes that lives in my head always: 

The recipe is a jpeg file photo so you can click and save it or print it easily! If it is difficult to read as-is double click and your device should enlarge it as a photo.

Basic Bread Recipe.jpg

Next time we will learn all about Sour Dough and the benefits of being patient!

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