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Christmas Traditions: Pajama Pants

A quick break from the Journal Series...to share how for the first time ever I have sewn our Christmas pjs myself.

There was a black Friday sale that I just could not resist at my local fabric store this year. Flannel was 70% off, so I decided to dive into a long time goal of someday sewing pajamas myself. If I remember correctly I actually saved $98 on this fabric! If not for the sale, I would have had thrift some flannel sheets in order to afford this grand project!

This tradition was brought into our family via my husband. For Christmas Eve his family always has opened one gift-that is always pajamas. We have kept this alive and our children love it!

Check out the results:


Count them up- 9 pairs in total!

The pattern I used was so terrifically easy that it only took me about 3 days of afternoon sewing. You still have time to get some done for your family!

Check out this easy method at http://mycottoncreations.blogspot.com


All of the girls got pretty little lace along the cuffs.



The boys got a cargo pocket on one leg. Love this print!


My 7 year old made chain drawstrings with cotton yarn with her fingers. She had a good time “helping” mom. Of course, she was not present when I was sewing up hers.

**The pattern called for using elastic in the waist band, but I prefer quick drawstrings. All I did was use my button hole setting on my machine to make two holes where the from of the waist band would be before it was hemmed closed.



Some of the pants received a drawstring made with the same trim as on the cuffs.

This method was so simple and quick I plan on recycling some clothes into leggings for the girls…and perhaps some more p.j.’s in the future!

In case you missed it go to http://mycottoncreations.blogspot.com for this free easy pajama pant pattern! All you need is fabric, sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, and a pair of pants that fit the individual.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for being a friend!


p.s. The third part to the journaling series will come soon as promised! I am excited to share more plus share a new one I was inspired to make after my last article.


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