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D.S.W. is a tool to share and learn forgotten life skills and preserve past traditions that will give us opportunity in our future.

With so many resources at our fingertips, it is surprising how little time is put into creating goods for ourselves and keeping them for a lifetime-or generations.


Heidi Palmer is a woman of faith, wife to her Highschool sweetheart, homeschooling mom of 7, lifetime crafter and the author of this site. She has made a recent turn around in her life style. Going from modern day consumer, to seeking out the self sustaining skills of our past while giving a go at farmstead living on a mountain in Idaho. Because she has a love for the needle arts, organic living and homemaking, Heidi felt the call to help others to grow in their self-sustaining talents. She is a believer of fulfilling dreams and righteous desires.

Learn with Heidi as she tries out new creative ways to live a traditional lifestyle as God inspires her. Let her know if there is a skill that you are being inspired to preserve. She would love to hear about or even help you with that journey!