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Crochet: (skill development)

Have a basic knowledge of crochet already? Then lets take it to another level. A crochet skill development workshop costs $45. A one-on-one workshop is $75. Please see the Workshop Guidelines page for more information.

We can design a workshop that will teach you one of the following crochet skills:

  • crochet in the round
  • crochet edging for crochet
  • crochet edging for knitting
  • crochet ending for fabric
  • increasing/decreasing
  • chevron or ripples
  • crocodile stitch
  • any other crochet skill you aspire to-just ask and I if I don’t know it we will learn it!

Materials for these workshops will differ and be clarified when you schedule your workshop.

As the workshops are scheduled and asked for I will create more detailed lessons plans for the specific skills.

To have a Skill Development Crochet Workshop designed for you send me an email at knittyheidi@gmail.com or a FB message!