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Knitting (beginner levels)


Let me start by saying: You CAN knit.

You might think you aren’t crafty, that knitting just looks too hard or maybe you tried before but just couldn’t get it.

The program I am offering you in this course will get success. You CAN knit and you WILL have the knowledge to participate in this all-important lifeskill!

Why is this workshop different than just learning from a free video or a book?

Because we are going to do more than just put stitches on a needle. We are going to find our lost heritage. There is a reason that we need to know how to knit. Not just so that we can make pretty things and entertain ourselves. At each Workshop I will share tidbits of history from different eras that will enlighten and encourage us all to follow after the women (and men) who laid the foundation of this country for us. Maybe you will even have stories to share of your Grandmothers knitting…we would love to hear them!

The “why” will give us a desire to become accomplished knitters.

It is my hope that when you have completed your first ( or second or fourteenth…hey, some of us need more practice) beautiful handknit cotton dishcloth, you will want to continue. At this point you will have the basic skills to continue on your own, but I hope that after having such a jolly time that you will want to keep learning with us in the various Intermediate workshops that I would love to coach.

If you haven’t already, please be sure to read the Workshop Guidelines to learn how it works.

Here are the scopes for the beginner level workshops:

Each workshop lasts 3 weeks, there is one meeting each week and on-going interaction through social media and youtube support as you master each skill.

The cost of the beginner level workshops is $35 per person

NEW! I am now offering one-on-one workshops, this means you don’t have to gather a group of friends, if it works better for you to be on your own that’s fine! The cost for a one-on-one course is $65

*I accept payment in the form of: cash, personal check or through paypal.

Knitting Workshop B1

Is designed for those that don’t know a knit stitch from a purl stitch. The skill focus in this course will be:

  • Casing On (If you don’t know what or how to do this then this is the workshop for you!)
  • The difference between a Knit stitch and a purl stitch
  • How to hold yarn and needles (American vs Continental)
  • Types of needles,tools and their uses
  • Oh no! A dropped stitch…now what?!
  • Casting Off

Right away I will guide you to getting started on your first project! Remember: my goal is to  guide you in learning an important life skill, there is no giving up allowed! There will be homework…..but don’t worry, I will be around to help you out.

Knitting Workshop B2

Is designed as the next step after B1 or as the first step for someone who has knit a few stitches before, but tangled yarn ended in frustration! A good place to start for a refresher course before moving on to the Skills Workshops. 

  • A quick review of the basics listed above
  • A look at what different combinations of the knit and purls stitches do
  • How to read a written pattern
  • Types of yarn and their uses
  • What is a gauge swatch?
  • Weaving in the ends

In this level you will have a choice to complete simple project of your choice (I can help you find one) or another dishcloth using more than just knit stitches. Don’t worry, I will be there to guide you along and with any snags you might run into. Be Brave!

Knitty Workshop B3

Is not super crucial before moving onto the skill development Workshops, but is helpful for those that feel less than confident about their knitting skills.

  • A review of basics taught in workshops B1 and B2
  • Individualized help (troubleshooting anything that is a struggle for you)
  • A closer look at reading patterns
  • Finding your gauge….and your courage!

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