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Tunisian Crochet

What is Tunisian Crochet? It is a blend of Knitting and Crocheting! The really long crochet hooks in the store or the small double pointed crochet hook are the tools for this fiber art.

I am a beginner at this myself. But if you want to learn-lets do it! I find it kinda fun especially when needing to spice up my handwork when my fingers are bored of regular crochet or knitting. Tunisian Crochet makes a thicker, denser fabric that is great for thick blankets, towels, placemats, pot holders, and other home textiles.

The cost of this workshop is $35, and $65 for one on one instruction. Please read the Workshop Guidelines for more information.

It is suggested that you have a basic knowledge of crochet, but not required to learn this skill.

In a Tunisian Crochet Workshop you will learn:

  • the history
  • the tools
  • how to “cast on”
  • basic Tunisian stitches
  • how to finish

Just like the other beginner workshops, our goal will be to start and finish a dishcloth using the new skills.