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Workshop Guidlines


Really, I just want to pass on my excitement and knowledge to others and have a good time. But, as with all things good, there needs to be an understanding of expectations by everyone to keep things tidy.

So here we go….

  1. For our workshop to be successful in world domination, we need at least 3 participants…You plus your friends, family, neighbors, or dentist, but not me I am just there for the pie.You will bring pie right? UPDATE: I am now offering one-on-one workshops! This means that if you can’t find someone as adventurous as you, it’s okay- I will still teach you how to knit!(see course details for pricing)
  2. There can be no more than 5 participants in one workshop…this is so we can keep things intimate and each can get the individual attention they deserve, thus enabling me to keep to my promise that you can learn to knit. Also, more pie.
  3. Lessons for the Little Knitties (ages 8-16) are free BUT I need notified that they will be attending the workshop so I can be prepared for them and there may be a limit as to how many can attend at a time. This is so that there is more pie for me- er – I mean my undivided attention for everyone.
  4. You do not have to host at your home…it can be anyone in the group’s home or if another location is desired such as the library or you are adventures and want to be out of doors we could meet at a park-weather permitting of course. Please let me know if you are unable to pick a location…I can help with that.
  5. All participants must agree to commit to 3 weeks of dedication in order for it to compensate my time and preparation that I devote to you. We will meet in person once a week and then communicate via social media and email in between. In addition, there are Youtube videos that you can watch on my channel to help you along in between our sessions.
  6. Payment must be received before or at the first meeting. (as much as I like pie, it won’t buy more yarn…)
  7. The pie is optional.

If you haven’t already…send me a note and SCHEDULE YOUR WORKSHOP TODAY! knittyheidi@gmail.com You can also send me a message via my Facebook Page



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