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I (Heidi Palmer) have only degrees in life experience. My background is in early childhood education. Teaching, lesson planning, and being creative are skills I have been blessed to have talent in. The traditional skills that are offered in my courses have been mostly self-taught, and I do not consider myself a master in all areas. If you have experience to share- I am always willing to be educated-otherwise I gain knowledge through books and the ever expanding world of the Internet.

Any books or merchandise mentioned is purely my personal experience with them and no monetary gain is made by mentioning them.

Please feel free to share this site and it’s articles with others using the direct link: http://www.domesticscienceworkshop.org. You may not copy or sell the articles, lesson plans, photos or any other published material on this site without written permission (see contact page).

I will occasionally advertise for my fiber arts business: Twisted & Plied where I sell raw fibers, handspun yarns and other handmade goods. And I will be sharing with you other resources from some of my good friends as it applies to D.S.W.’s mission.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

Thank you